01 March 2007

Tart the Place Up

G: I have to move house again
D: Oh no!
G: They want to tart the place up
G: And charge more for it
D: Those bastards!
G: I just got all my posters up the way I like too
D: We'll sue them into next year!!


Jizz said...

Oh my god, every pic here is a gem. Thanks for a great blog!

Patrick said...

congrats, just discovered this amazing blog ! one of the best ! keep up the good work !

take care

DonPato said...

Those boys are not real, its some kind of trick of the camera. Or maybe cloning? Not sure all I know is they are not real nothing has ever looked that good. Or maybe they breed them in some super human factory in Argentina run by old Nazis who then slip then into unsuspecting baby carriages.