24 July 2006

A Third Way

D: Blogger sucks
D: I've been trying to upload pics for an hour
D: Can you make it work?
G: *tries*
G: No, it sucks for me too
D: Oh well
G: Maybe we could try the third way?
D: Don't push your weird bisexual ways with me
G: One girl
G: I kiss one girl
G: OK, two if you count the one at Popstarz
G: But it was dark
G: And she had asexual hair


Endless Audacity said...

Blogger really does suck with the picture uploading thingemajiggy.

Asexual hair? *frown*

Doug said...

If you're having the trouble with Blogger photo that I am (you try the whole process of uploading and then nothing ends up on your screen)try setting the picture position to "none" rather than center, right or left. This has been my solution for weeks now when it acts sucky. Of course you could be having a different problem than I've been having and this will be no help at all. Oh well, love your blog even without the photos.

C.J. said...

Hey guys, Love the blog. Aside from all the hot pictures the format that you guys use is very entertaining. I linked your blog off of mine: www.mummyslittlebattybwoy.blogspot.com


Sue said...

I had trouble posting pics all day yesterday. Then suddenly, voila; it works! What is up with that?