04 July 2006

Crack Squirrel

I had to add this
G: I know he's a blog buddy
G: But he dances like a Brixton crack squirrel
D: Aw, I think he looks cute
D: But you're right about the squirrel thing
D: Look really carefully and you can see his nuts
G: He he - hold the scroll button and you can make him do crazy moves too!


Randy Goldberg said...

He's adorable... but he can't dance for shit. :-)

S & C said...

I think he's doing the hula in the middle.

But I don't care. He can dance for me any day. Ethan is adorable.

Leonard said...

He's pretending to dance like that right? I mean...he doesn't really dance like that...no one does. ;-)

Anonymous said...

MWaahhhh hah hahhahhahahaahhhh aahhh!!!

Stop It please... If I laugh much more it'll hurt!

HDcanuck said...

He is so sweet!! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

haha this was so fucking awesome
keep up the phenomenal job you guys do