11 July 2006


D: I'd like to use this time flying solo to answer some of your correspondence
D: Ahem
D: "Hi Damien,
D: Can u send me a pic of u or Gabe
D: My boyfriend & I r thinking about asking a 3rd to join us
D: And u both sound hot
D: we could play 4way even?
D: xx Doug & Sam (D&S)"
D: Dear Doug. Or Sam.
D: Monogamy is an underused word in our culture
D: But so is "daisy chain"
D: I'll be in touch


Callën said...

i think you need someone to fill in for gabe while he was gone. btw, i was in colorado last week, i just have to say that co guys are so fucking adorable. i love mountain men.

Chuck said...

WAIT A SEC!! My Boyfriend Matt and I were interested in potential 3 or 4 way a while back!!

marcus said...

mmmmmm --- looks like a nice little threesome in that b&w pic bottom right...

Endless Audacity said...

What the heck is a Daisy Chain?