08 July 2006

In the End

Right I'm off
D: Wha..? Where??
G: Spain remember
D: That's this year?
D: Sheesh
D: Fine
D: Go on your vacation
D: Leave me
D: They all do in the end
G: I'll bring you back something nice...
D: Oh Goody!
G: See you in a week!
D: Bye gabe!!
D: Bye!!!
D: Gabe bye!!!
G: I haven't gone yet
D: Bye Gabe!! Bye!


Michael said...

Safe journey's Gabe. Have a great time in Spain with that guy...um, you are taking that guy with ya aren't you?

Either of you know what the song was and who sang it? What....you think I can't pay attention to two things at once? :)

hescheating said...

have a great trip and thanks for the video before you left