15 January 2006


D: Theo was supposed to pick me up for the prom at seven sharp


S&P said...

Thanks for the link!

You have a very, very nice Blog.


Michael said...

The school board might not have allowed you to take a Martian to a school-sponsored event.

Anonymous said...

What were you planning on wearing to the prom - a Harvest Gold loincloth?

The Pretty Boys said...

I was going to wear a Laura Ashley dress with frills - but the Harvest loincloth sounds good too.

What's weird is, we got a message on here from someone posting Theo's cell number. The message read: "His full name is Theodor Synnestvedt.
Send him an sms and make him happy" and then gave the cell.

I'm going to try and make Gabe call it. He says it's a UK number...


Anonymous said...

Theodor has a Norwegian cell-number..