24 January 2006


G: I don't know what's going on here
G: But I like it
D: Maybe it's some complicated dare?


viva la graham! said...

remember that cover of rolling stone magazine that had the red hot chili peppers on the cover - and they were naked except for the 'socks on cocks' (as they called it)?

yeah, i totally beat off to that cover.

Anonymous said...

It's a sock run! You cover up enough so that people who don't want to see anything don't and those who want to get a good idea. Where'd you find these?

Anonymous said...

ohh my god dat is soooo sexi ma mouth is like still open liek ma jaw dropped dammmmmmmmm i wanna see more of dat

aja10024 said...

The one on the right is Jamaaique Van Damme, a professional soccer (aka football) player from Belgium. It seems they had a contest about who was the sexiest athlete, and he won... you can see his picture on the magazine "Humo" at this web site: http://web9.vs248007.vserver.de/archives/archive_2006-w03.php (scroll down or do a word search on his name to find the photo), and at: http://www.ohlalaparis.com/ohlalaparis/2006/01/who_has_the_big.html, and also at: http://istanbulcasual.typepad.com/casual_in_istanbul/hotties_of_stadiums/.