27 January 2006

Actor Crush

G: So what - you're cheating on me??
D: Keep your jockstrap on
D: She's a friend ok
G: A friend! A friend!?
D: I just needed... another outlet
G: Oh I see, I'm not enough for you huh?
D: You're plenty enough
D: River's a huge fan of yours btw
G: She has her head screwed on right at least
G: Why didn't you tell me?
D: You were all busy with that Argentinian
D: I had some time on my hands
D: And Actor Crush was born
G: Well alright then
G: As long as I'm still the funny one


Michael said...

Oh my god. Does this mean that Damien actually looks like Leonardo DiCaprio but with a gigantic head? And where'd ya find a bee that big?

Hey Gabe, which actor do you look the most like? I'm hoping Danny Dyer m'self :)

The Pretty Boys said...

I do look like Danny Dyer!


Michael said...

When I win the lottery here, I'm going to ask you to marry me then. ;)

Chuck said...

Gabe, I am sure you are funny and hot!