17 January 2006

Bad Man

G: I am going on a date with the hot Argentinian on Thursday night
G: I am feeling all needy and fragile and insecure
G: He really is that hot
G: He's also really lovely as well
G: But I hate hot men
G: And I love them at the same time
G: I don't really know why I am pursuing this
G: He's only 19 and it's bound to end in tears
G: Mine, most likely
D: Oh I'm sorry - I didn't get all that
D: I was just staple-gunning my eyes shut so I didn't have to read any more of your drivel
D: Hahahahhaaa
G: You're a very bad man Damien Pinkerton

1 comment:

Brandon Smith said...

Good luck with this guy hun... LOVE ME SOME ANTHONY :-)