02 November 2005


Damien: I'm a little hard of hearing

Gabe: I'm slightly dyslexic

Damien: I have flat arches

Gabe: I get terrible migraines that last a week

Damien: I once had a shard of glass in my foot the length of a pencil

Gabe: I had to have emergency heart surgery when I was 7

Damien: I have never been held by my father. He never hugged me and as a result I think I am emotionally disturbed to the point where I wonder if I will ever be able to truly love someone

Gabe: OK you win

Damien: Oh, and I'm allergic to bees


greekgaylolita said...

What's the name of this beauty?

Joseph said...

You guys are so funny--you need your own TV show.

Richard said...

Not a fan of blondes...but he looks like he is on crack...you kno the sexy kind like Courtney Love(jk)

The Pretty Boys said...

I call him Timmy McTimtam. I hope that helps.