10 November 2005


Damien: Do you think kangaroos really exist?

Gabe: What? Of course they do

Damien: But how can you know for certain if you've never seen one?

Damien: Maybe Kangaroos are a scam?

Damien: Maybe they want you to believe in kangaroos?

Gabe: But I have seen one

Gabe: I've seen two in fact, at the London zoo

Damien: You're always trying to spoil my theories


Nuba said...

I've seen one too!!

Anonymous said...

That boy is fucktronic.

But you already knew that.


Brandon Smith said...

I have never seen one.

*J* said...

Is Rolf Harris in on the scam then?

Signalite said...

Kangaroos. They're up there with the penguins. Penguins ain't natural. Not in the bible you know. Penguins are MAN-MADE.

(My unoriginal ass apologises to the State in advance.)