28 November 2005

Fashion Sense

Damien: I'm worried about my friend Adam

Gabe: I didn't know you had any friends

Damien: I'm serious

Gabe: OK

Gabe: *Puts me on serious face*

Gabe: Tell me about Adam

Damien: See he's different than you or I

Damien: He's... well... he's...

Gabe: An albino? A vampire? An albino vampire?

Damien: No. He has no taste in clothes

Gabe: Whoa, that's serious

Damien: I know

Gabe: What with your keen fashion sense...

Damien: Totally. And I'm worried that if he keeps wearing those puce cutoffs, I won't want to be seen with him anymore

Gabe: Maybe you could break it to him gently

Damien: Bit late for that. I just hit "send"

Gabe: Oh well, I'm sure he'll appreciate your honesty

Damien: I'm not sure. The title of the email is "Your clothes make me want to hurl"

1 comment:

Jorge said...

sooo funny. i know two Adams and neither of them can dress... Perhaps it is a talent (to dress badly) that is innate with the name?