10 November 2005

Cereal Killer

Gabe: My cocoa pops formed an arrow at the bottom of my bowl this morning

Damien: Freaky!!!

Damien: Where was it pointing??

Gabe: Out the door

Damien: That's crazy mofo!!

Gabe: Not really

Gabe: I think my Mother did it while I was in the loo

Gabe: I guess I should really start looking for a flat before she starts putting crushed glass in my cornflakes


Amopodex said...

Start eating weetabix, they get soggy quicker and are more difficult to rearrange in the bowl.

Chuck said...

You two are fucking hilarious. You have been added to my MUST READS of Blogs!

Anonymous said...

i would love to take his shoes off and lick his sexy feet before licking the rest of him