17 October 2005

My boyfriend Seth

Damien: I have a long week ahead of me

Damien: And I don't know what I'd do without Seth

Damien: He's so my rock

Damien: And sweet! Always buying me little gifts

Damien: But J*sus H Chr*st

Damien: If he continues to leave his coffee mugs on my white furnishings

Damien: We will have to have a SERIOUS discussion about the future of our relationship

Hey hey

Damien: Oh it's you


Gabe: Anyway, I thought I was your fantasy boyfriend?

Damien: Quiet, Seth will hear you!!!!


fj - the keeper said...

Henry Cavil ... shit he is hot!!!! And he's British right? *sigh*

jared said...

It is hard to concentrate on your discussion with that pic distracting me!