19 October 2005

J*rk off

Gabe: How often do you, you know...

Damien: What?

Damien: Floss?

Gabe: No, when you wake up...

Damien: Make a coffee?

Gabe: No, no, no

Damien: Eat breakfast?

Gabe: No I mean

Damien: What then?

Gabe: Have a... you know... when you

Damien: Jerk off?

Damien: You can say "@ssmaster" but not j*rk off???

Damien: Sheesh

Damien: Sometimes you're so English it hurts

Gabe: @ssmaster!!!

Damien: By the way, if you can't even say m@sturbate, you most definitely shouldn't be allowed to do it

Gabe: W@nk, w@nk, w@nk, w@nk!!!!!


Knottyboy said...

And for god'sakes say blowjob instead of oral sex. And hummer is so last week. Oooo how about occupational suction? Or a puff position? A gale grind? Or a slurping swindle?

r*yan said...

just discovered your site. you guys are absolutely piss-funny! respect.