10 October 2005

Location Location

Damien: What time is it over there in England?

Gabe: 10.57pm

Gabe: What time is it in Boulder?

Damien: Shut up, I don't live in Boulder

Gabe: What? Yes you do!

Damien: No way, I live in L.A.!!

Gabe: What???

Damien: I commute to write the blog in Boulder, but I live in Los Angeles

Gabe: You are so full of sh*t

Damien: Gabriel Winger, it's using that kind of language which keeps you single

Gabe: @ss Master!


jared said...

You guys have a great blog going here. Fucking unique!!! I'm a big fan.

Knottyboy said...

Do you have to have a certificate of ass-mastership to be an ass master? Any kind of minimal doctors training in knowing the parts of the ass to be the king of the culo?