27 August 2006

Want to Make a Fuss

G: So when is your birthday?
D: Um
D: It was yesterday
G: Why didn't you tell me???
G: You dickhead!!
D: I didn't want to make a fuss
D: It's nothing
D: Just another day
D: It's fine
G: No its not
G: It's rubbish
G: You should have - wait there

D: Gabe?


peter said...

Happy Belated, Damien. What are you now, 14? J/K. Really, how old are you? Legal age, I hope, cuz I don't want to go to jail for my daydreams.

Endless Audacity said...

I know there will probably be a gazillion people before me, but still: happy birthday. I can't wait to read what your compadre is up to :)

3 kisses, distribute where you please *seductive wink*

Gumbo said...

Dear Damien,

you dickhead!!


Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

Gabe, you should get Damien some strippers with big fat bouncy titties. Certainly you must have a few on speed dial. Schiwng!

nash said...

Oh Damien, you're a Virgo. Who would've guessed! Happy Birthday xx