09 August 2006

Flex Appeal

G: What would make you want to take off your top
G: And do that in front of a camera?
D: The adoration of thousands of horny strangers?
G: I guess so
D: What do you mean "I guess so"?
D: If I was a betting man
I'd say that's the reason you blog
D: But I'm more of a "say something, then change your mind
D: And pretend it didn't happen" kinda guy


R*Y A N said...

but d, are you also a "grope someone and then pretend it didn't happen" kinda guy??? didn't think so ;)

Anonymous said...

more more more from this guy he is soooooooooooooo hoooottttt

Anonymous said...

does the bottom guy have a user account on you tube, he is sooo hoot would love to see more