23 August 2006

Hot Muscles Manuel

Manuel looks scared
G: Maybe because he's just been attacked by a bottle of cooking oil
D: He totally brings hope to all the skinny boys out there
D: Who dream of flexing
G: I like how he walks right in and *bam!* flexes
D: He could work as a flex-o-gram?
G: Maybe he is
G: Maybe the cooking oil paid him a fiver to drip on the floor?
G: Here's your message
G: *bam!*
D: (drip)


Gumbo said...

In the States, some folks have concocted a really nasty dessert by deep-frying Hostess Twinkies snack cakes. Essentially, you get a year's supply of cholesterol with every bite.

Now, I'm just thinking out loud here... this video is of an oil covered twink. Is there some semiotic significance here? Twink -- Twinkie. Oiled -- deep-fried. Was he originally as bulked as Mr. Universe, but the deep-frying process melted all the meat off? I'm confused.

He probably just needs to be lightly breaded and baked.

Citysqwirl said...

mmm . . . so greasy . . .

Jon Cox said...