06 March 2006

Brown Torso Dude

G: I can't move into my new place until next week now
G: And I'm not going to have internet for a while
D: You can't not be online
D: What if I need to talk to you???
G: I could go to an internet cafe...
D: You bet your sorry no internet ass you will
G: I mean
G: I can't have you missing me
D: Well
D: I wouldn't miss you
D: Not with guys like brown torso dude to keep me company
D: I'm just used to having you around, is all


R*Y A N said...

ohmygod - i am in love! thanks bois :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know this.

I'm italian, and this is an italian "actor". His name is Francesco Arca.

Have fun!

Marco Valente said...

Those are very hot pics dude! Thanks!

alexsander said...

yeah he is super hot!