12 March 2006


D: If you're serious about getting these photos done I thought I should be the one to give you a few tips
G: Wow.
G: Thanks.

D: It's a good idea to wear nice clothes - but you don't want to look too formal

D: Relaxed is better

D: But not too relaxed

D: Some people find a prop helps

D: Just don't let the prop steal the limelight

D: Feel confident in front of the lens and it will show in your face

D: And um, your other places

D: But no one likes a show off

D: Emphasize the parts of your body you like the best

D: Whether it's your wash board abs

D: Or your left nipple

D: The most important tip is: RELAX!
D: Don't let the sound of my hysterical laughter put you off
G: Kill me, kill me now


hank said...

what about some tips on where to find the right photographer?

Peter said...

It's also advisable not to change your race for the final picture. Throws off the consistency of the collection.