11 March 2006


G: I'm thinking about getting some professional photos done
G: You know something tasteful
G: In sepia or black and white
D: Great
D: Just what the world needs
D: More pictures of a scrawny naked gay guy in dire need of a tan - floating around the internet
G: I am not scrawny!!


tim said...

pic 1... bugger me, they don't make farmers like that down our way

Michael said...

Where does one order these pictures from Gabe? ;)

Personally....skinny guys are definately hot. Or in the words of Janet Weiss, "I don't like a man with too man muscles" (name that movie)

hank said...

course you're not, Gabe, you're gorgeous

eyes only said...

great pictures!

J said...

not scrawny... PROVE IT!