26 March 2008

A Credit

So what have you written before?
D: Oh Nick's done a ton of stuff
D: He has a credit on The Pacifier
G: Really?
D: Yeah, they just haven't put it on IMDB yet
G: Didn't that film come out ages ago?
N: I was working this joint in LA
N: When who comes in but Vin Diesel
N: And I go to him
N: Hey Vinny, you should remake that Kindergarten Cop
N: True story
D: Isn't he great?
G: I've changed my mind
G: I think you two were made for each other


pardedoo said...

You guys have left me giggling for the past hour. Freaking adorable.

Scot said...

GREAT Pictures! Thanks. Who is this cutie? Any more of him?

m. said...

Lovin' the new storyline...

I love you boys!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures ... and cute conversation.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen - you're GORGEOUS. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

his name is Justin Gaston.