27 March 2008

Evil Possessed

D: Anyways
D: Can't chatty chat long
D: This movie script won't write itself
N: Not unless it was an evil possessed movie script
D: Hey keep the big ideas for the writing room mister!
N: You're the boss
G: Seriously
G: Have there been nerve bomb attacks in the US or something?


Anonymous said...

i see some penis!

gumbo said...

Oh, paleeeeese! This photo set is languishing without a script of its own...

D:"Hi! Welcome to woodshop. What's your name?"

W: "My name's Woody. What's yours?"

D: "Dick. That's a good stiff board ya got their Woody. How big is it?"

W: "Well, uncut, it's 2x4x18."

D: "Jeeze! We've never had an uncut board as long as yours in here before! Let me double check the measurements on that thing..."

W: "Hey, watch it! -- your tape measure is cold and kinda sharp!"

D: "Sorry 'bout that. Since ya got all excited, I think your board now measures closer to 19 1/2...

W: "Hey, what's this thing?

D: "That there's a vibratory sander, Woody. I'll stick my board in it first..."

Aaaaarrrgh!!! Make it stop!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I feel about this "Nick"...


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that these guys are actually Gabe and Damien.. Any truth to that??

lewis said...

no its not them in the pix...these are two "popular" go go boys from new york city. I was there on set when they shot this...it takes place in the loft where they filmed a majority of the movie version of "The Hours"