25 November 2007

Modelling School

G: Hi, thanks for coming in
D: No problem
G: So we're all really excited
G: We loved your polaroids
G: There's just one thing
G: How do you feel about wearing a stupid green wig?
D: Hmmmn
D: Well, I dunno
D: At Modelling school they suggested
D: Against wearing stupid colored wigs
G: We'll let you keep it after the shoot...
D: Throw in some stupid yellow gloves?
G: Kid, it's a deal!

G: This has been a PBC Amdram Production
G: *Bows*
D: *Curtsies*


JT said...

Well played, gents. Entertaining and informative...

Patrick said...

I would have done it for the green wig alone. Not sure what this says about me.

mountii said...


Anonymous said...

Is he wearing the shirt backwards in the bottom middle shot? Looks like a hoodie.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...