18 October 2007

To School

G: I'm serious
D: Um

D: I see we're taking
D: The "tough love bus"
D: to school today then...


DonPato said...

Pretty boys are hot and they can really make the time past in a euphonic way if you find the right one.

yoruosu12 said...

Oh shucks!

I used to hate going to schools when I was younger. And what did I do? I tried motivating myself by having crushes in the class, or if I really really like the subject, or if the professor's teaching style was great.

Now I am adult and already working, I hate work. There's no cute here so crushes is a no-no. Do I like my work? Not much 'coz it does not have that much relation to my course. The bosses are such a--holes also. So what motivates me??? It's a good thing that blogging came to the rescue. Now if I got bored I just think about what I can blog about and voila! I have something to make me come to my work...hahahah!

wyocwboy said...

I'll take a double order of the cowboy in the white briefs to go!!!