15 October 2007

No One Told Me

D: OK, I'm going to die alone
G: What happened this time?
D: Nothing
D: I am just, most probably going to die single
G: Wow
G: No one told me
G: We'd started Maudlin Mondays already


Anonymous said...

aww -hug-
you can always come over to
Canada and live with me ;)


yoruosu12 said...

What do you call fear of dying alone? Coz I only know how'd you call fear of death which is thanatophobia.

Greg said...

Very hot men you posted there ....
as for dying alone - naaaah.
I see in your future you dying at the ripe "young" age of 80 after having been fucked by 30 hot young men.

Course, I may be wrong... lol