23 July 2007

God's Green Earth

G: So
G: Tell me everything
D: Wait
G: What?
D: Look at all the pretty boys
D: I have missed them you know
D: And I think
D: No, I believe it in my heart
D: That they have missed me too
G: Well as their spokesman
G: We're glad to have you back
D: Just one little thing G
G: Yes?
D: What on God's green Earth is a FREAKIN LOLGAY?!??!?


Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

LOLGAYS are very easy to identify. They generally have screen names like d@m13n_thev@mp1re-sl@y3r69.

Scott said...

Really!?! I get to be the first to say it? GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!! Missed you both. - 'Bout damn time...

Steve said...

ok why can't my boyfriend look like any of the above, I would be so much happier :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! D, I only think G was trying to amuse himself and pass the time in your abssence! :) Love to you both!

Peter said...

OMG! They live! Yeah!

about a boy said...

ive missed you boys. and your boys.

Steven said...

-throws confetti in the air-

glad to have ya back
i missed yer humor

Anonymous said...

pretty, pretty pictures...;p