29 May 2007

Juan Fan Club

G: I get a bit scared
G: By the Juan fan club
G: To be honest
G: The whole alter ego thing's a bit Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
G: Except with bitchiness
G: Replacing the murderous tendencies
G: Which is either better / worse
G: Depending on how you look at it


Nick said...

i'm gonna have bad dreams now :P

Juan said...

J: It's Señor Juan Hyde
J: Not "Mr." Hyde
J: Señor Juan G. Hyde
J: Not to be confused with
J: Juan Jihad from Afghanistan

J: Shut up you human pincusion
J: Or I'll start listening
J: To those voices
J: In my head
J: They've been talking
J: About you
J: GABE!!! Make it stop!!!