28 May 2007

Greater Geographical Knowledge

G: It's about here
G: Damien would make a joke about being able to see
G: Their brazilians
G: And then I would say something like
G: If you look carefully
G: You can make out their Manaus
G: My joke being technically superior
G: Relying on a greater geographical knowledge
G: But he'd probably not get it
G: And call me a butt pirate or something
G: Yep
G: That's what would usually happen


Anonymous said...

I miss Damien :-(

John said...

Thanks for the continuing pictures, Gabe. :)

Regards to Damien, hope he feels ok soon.

Morgen said...

hope Damien is doing ok.

if you need a guest blogger while he takes some time off, just let us know!

Anonymous said...

D: Gabe, you're a butt pirate.
J: Juan seconds that, you butt pirate.

mark said...

they are brazilians!!!!!