28 January 2007

Sorta Movie

G: This vid is from the film Shortbus
D: Racy!
G: Have you seen it?
D: It's the sorta movie
D: I'd like to watch in the comfort of my own home
D: If. You. Know. What. I. Mean.
G: What's a shortbus?
D: That's easy
D: You'd ride one if you lived here
G: It's an actual bus?
G: I thought it meant a small willy or something


Anonymous said...

This movie was amazing, so touching and beautiful...and funny.

Anonymous said...

Shortbus is such a great film

despite the 'sex' bits it is strangely not that erotic

and is a great feelgood movie

tony_chou said...

I love his movie!
I have written someting about this movie in my blog.

Volker said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but have read the article on "Shortbus" in Attutude magazine (issue 152, pg 44-52)but I'll wait till its out on DVD so I can watch it at home. Sounds like its really worth seeing!

R*Y A N said...

love "shortbus", it's sorta about sex but not really.

plus, i wish i can do yoga like that guy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip. Looking forward to seeing this.

Anyone know the song used in this clip?

Anonymous said...

The song is "If You Fall" by Asure Ray, which is on the Shortbus soundtrack CD.