10 January 2007


G: For no particular reason
G: Here are my five rants about Gaydar
G: 1. If you're 30+ you can no longer use the phrase "lad", "boy" or "kid" in your profile name. Sorry. Change it to "guy", "man" or at the very least, "dude".
G: 2. Are you really horny all the time? Really, honestly? When you're on the phone to your Gran, for example? Think about this.
G: 3. OK, we get it, you're straight acting. (Although, as the line goes, "methinks the lady doeth protest too much"…)
G: 4. Writing "got one" in your job title is as hilarious now as it was in, oh well, never.
G: 5. Don't listen to anyone - we all LOVE the cock pics...
D: Someone make fun of your hairlip again huh G Man?


Chad said...

Bahahahaha. Oh I adore you guys!

WestVillageKid said...

funny. thankfully i'm under thirty

Babsbitchin said...

Spit that out! Too true and lovin' it!