16 December 2006

x J

G: OK, this is what I call potential
G: "Hi Gabe,
G: My name's John, I'm 25, single,
G: I work as a web designer
G: play a bit of guitar
G: and I wondered if you'd like to go for a drink sometime?
G: Let me know if you do
G: Keep the peace, x J"

D: Keep the peace???


Pixman said...

The only gay blog where the writings are even better than the hottest pics. Your D&G conversations are the funniest and the cleaverest ! It's scary because I so often feel like it's a conversation I already had, although I never noticed I was so funny when I was saying it. Today I definitely feel like Damien. There is always something disappointing in these ads...

Anonymous said...

If he's the one on the first picture, I'll keep whatever he wants :D

See ya!


Anonymous said...

guys, come on..

he's just being nice

Frank said...

Why are those three men in a pool of what looks like milk? Or is it... another substance?