22 December 2006


D: We're out of here Pretty Boy Clubsters
G: Have a great Christmas and New Year
D: Pull my cracker Gabe
G: Not now
D: No really, pull it
G: We're taking a break
G: And we'll be back in a few weeks
D: Seriously Gabe, touch my cracker
G: Say goodbye Damien
D: Goodbye Damien!


digital_jay said...

Have a great time and look forward to seeing you both back soon.

legsman said...

pretty boys indeed
fine blog

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys had great New Years.

Hurry back boys.

matt said...

it's now the 3rd. Did one of you DIE or something? Alien abduction? Sex slave? What?


hello? *tap* *tap*

DonPato said...

oh my god what pretty pretty boys. Let me know where the next photo shoot is going to be PLEASE?