09 November 2006

Start a Band

D: I'm sick of being poor
G: I'm sick of being cold
G: We could start a band
G: We could call ourselves "Broke White Boys"
G: And the first album can be called
G: "Will Suck for Cash"
D: I'll play keyboard!


Gaymaffia said...

I could buy that towel, he would have to carry less permanently and make the world a better naked place...

nash said...

Don't you mean "organ" D?

Thierry du Var said...

Alors je choisi les numéros 2, 3 et 7 en partant du haut.. avec une mention spéciale pour le 7 (et surtout pour son torse)

Anonymous said...

haha, that's hilarious! I would most definitely listen to your music!