20 September 2006

Youth Culture

G: I like to think that this is a social comment
G: On youth culture
G: Nihilism
G: And the pressure on young men to conform

D: I like it when he licks his arm


Anonymous said...

I think the song is about Madonna posing as something other than a 40 something year old Italian mother. The guy is either a total head-up-butt vain eurotrash model or more likely a New Yawk guido goofing for the camera and an all right guy ( see smile ).

Anonymous said...

He creeps me out.

Dusty said...

I think he's cute. I bet he was just stoned and bored, then decied to play with his camrea. Heh, I do it sometimes. ;)

Jewlust said...

He does the white man overbite at one point. That did it for me. ;)

Cian said...

Well...he was hot enough for me to sit through the whole 2 min. ;P

Leonard said...

This is a comment on people who do drugs...........and people who have heads to big for their body. ;-) peace