21 September 2006

Viral Christian Parsnip

D: Woh
D: Check out the VCP
G: OK, I should know this one
G: Viral Christian Parsnip?
G: Vertical Cauldron Piracy?
D: Visible Cartoon Penis
G: There you go


mil said...

U should add more like this, well, apart from the daily eyecandies

DonsBlog said...

never had cartoons like this when I was a kid. Damn they are hot!

San jose

Chuck said...

I wonder if any kind of information about your readership could be found by looking at which pictures and the style of guy they represent and the number of times they have been clicked on....

Other than that we are all sexed up perverts?

Randy Goldberg said...

Yay! Glen Hanson!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy Goldberg! I was loking for that! Hey guys, cool cartoons!