27 June 2006

The Same Language

G: How is your day going?
D: Meh
G: Meh?
D: Blah
G: Huh?
D: Blah
G: Que?
D: Wha?
G: Your day?
D: I told you - meh
D: (!)
D: Sometimes it's like we're not even speaking the same language
G: Oh yeah - well the guy in this vid is ropey looking


Anonymous said...

I can't believe THAT was your second video. You guys need to maintain your level of erudite class–even if you're going down the video path...

konagod said...

and I think he was stoned. But I'd pinch his nipple!

JT said...

whats wrong with that guy? I thought he was passably hot...and whatever ropey means, I think I like it...

Jon Cox said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Very hott stuff!