22 June 2006


G: Um...
D: The pics
G: Ah
G: Well in the first one
G: Young Fellatio is sleeping
G: But he's troubled because his lover is away at sea
G: We cut to Rimmington (his lover) who is being wrestled in a jacuzzi full or piranhas and male models
G: But mostly piranhas
G: And finally the last panel shows Rimmington - who is dead - being returned to Fellatio
G: It's very touching really

D: Your stories are educational and disturbing
D: But mostly disturbing


Gunn said...

'Pretty' and 'disturbing' are an excellent combination.

Josh said...


i am SO ready to go and enlist!

Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

Phil Acio, eh?. . . Any relation to Jenna Tallia?