03 February 2006

Shut Eye

G: Man it's late
D: Yeah, I'm hitting the sack
G: Me too
G: Goodnight
D: Night!
G: Don't let the gay bugs bite


Book of Sand said...

Wow!!! They are so sweet! ;)

Tim said...

with planning, number 4 could have evened out the ink used on BOTH arms (and saved some money for a night in a hostel - park benches can make one stiff even without a hot man sleeping on it)

Michael said...

Ya know...that last picture ... well it makes me think of both of you...cute and cuddly sexy men sleeping happily in each other's arms.

Jesus I'm a romantic...sigh.

Anonymous said...

that second photo from the top... how sweet. awww.

Naked Boy said...

These photos are so sweet, and yet, very erotic. :)

pathologicaloptimist said...

very precious! there's something indescribably lovely about capturing the innocence and beauty of sleeping.

Sissy-Fuss said...

What a hot...spread. Thanks.