07 February 2006

Models are Easy

G: Teeth so bright!
G: Blinding!
D: Mommy, my eyes!!!

D: This is fun, we haven't had a bitch together in ages
G: No we haven't
D: I mean, look at this guy - what, is he like perfect or something?
G: Um, I think we might have lost our touch

G: He is so excited to be wearing the hat
D: Or is the hat wearing him?

D: This guy's bulge is a lot like my sisters Ken doll
G: Your sisters Ken doll?
D: Alright, my Ken doll
D: My sister gave him to me as long as I promised not to steal Barbie's clothes again to dress him up in

1 comment:

Chuck said...

That last picture looks like they could be McCauley Culkin, Kirk Cameron and Seth Green's better looking brothers.