29 December 2005


Damien: So what presents did you get?

Gabe: Underwear mostly

G: I was slightly disturbed that Nanna gave me silk boxer shorts with the words "big b0y" written all over them

D: R@ndy ol' Nanna

D: Did she ask you to model the underwear too?

G: No

G: *shudders*


Naked Boy said...

Can u post some pics of u in them here?

Brandon Smith said...

Yeah I want to see them :-)

Mason said...

Yeah....pics of you in the silk boxers would be cool. :)
PS....Glad your both back to posting.

Michael said...

Yeah what if one of us asked you to model them? 'Sides, boxer are megasexy....well some of us think they are at least damnit.

What say you Gabe? ;)