31 December 2005

Dieux du stade 2006: Part One

G: Happy New Year for tomorrow!
D: Stop changing the subject
G: I'm not - but as luck would have it - here are some pics of the French rugby team in their pants! Enjoy!
D: In their pants?
G: We call pants underwear in England
D: Of course you do
D: Well Happy New Year England!
G: Happy New Year America!!!
D: And Gabe, we just can't wait to see you in your pants in 2006...


Jacky said...

Happy New Year Guys!

Have a Gay 2006!

Michael said...

Happy New Year Gabe and Damien!...er Damien and Gabe....hm, there has to be a way of not showing favouritism but..


now show us yer pants ;)