09 March 2009

Reader, I (Gay) Married Him

D: Ok ok ok we're lame
D: We were trying to wrap this up
D: But the thing that was stopping us stopped us again
D: Our terrible secret
G: It's not exactly... I wouldn't call it... anyway
D: So you remember ages ago? Good
D: Well I sorta maybe went to London
G: Only after I came over to see you first
D: And we kinda, you know, "did it"
D: With each other
D: Nakedly
G: A lot
D: And that was all good and fine and junk except for the blog
D: Because it was weird talking about other boys and their hotness
G: When we'd sort of found something... good
D: Yes
G: Good... and long distance
D: Yes
D: But that is changing soon
G: Visas pending
D: And this blog, this beautiful blog, she is done
G: We'd like to thank everyone for reading over the years
D: Thanks for all your emails, even the ones I was too lame ass to reply to
G: And yeah, that's it I think
D: Wow, it really is


Dane said...

Wow, Congrats! Sorry to see the blog go.

Anonymous said...

Cnogratulations! I hope you enjoy London, together. :) I'll miss your sense of humor and your taste in hot boys, but now I won't have to check your blog anymore to see if I'm missing something, cause I guess I won't be...anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just awesome.

I can live without the blog. That news is too good.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... you guys can't stop blogging! You just can't. I don't care if you bumped pink bits. Please don't let that get in between this terrific blog.


zach said...

awwww, congrats guys! i'll miss the blog, but i'm happy for you two. best of luck in everything! x

willito said...


(I´ll miss you...)

Ian said...

This is truly a life-changing event. I am in shock.

Keisha Kornbread said...

It was a great run....on to your next project. Congrats!!

All your readers can come to my blog....

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist said...

Congratulations on finding each other, guys! While it sucks the site has wound down. I loved hearing your commentaries.

If you ever want to do a guest post at Hunk du Jour just let me know!

Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

Great. You guys fuck and now I gotta find another way to waste time while working.

Anonymous said...


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

omg, i'm so happy for you guys. but i'm sooo sad it's the end of this blog. oh, i'm so gonna get electrocuted cause my tears are wetting the keyboard

Anonymous said...

I will miss the blog, of course, but I would much rather have you guys have a fantastic future together!

Best wishes and may you both have good fortune!


Anonymous said...

We've been waiting to see your "secret identities" for some time. Now that your super-hero work is coming to a close...

Could we see a pic of the happy couple?????

B. Mew said...

Awesome news! Congratulations to you guys!

Thanks for all the hot and/or funny blogs ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you both.
nothing but happiness and joy:)

And thanks for so much reading fun too.
Best of everything.

Anonymous said...

Giving up blogging for snogging? Good for you. Congrats!

James said...

Okay, so admittedly I initially came for the hot guys - but I *stayed* for the banter and that was what I kept coming back for - I'm going to miss that banter sooo much, and I wish you both only the absolute best for the future, I sincerely do.
Good Bye.

-elNinjaDiablo- said...

I'm thinking Andrea Bocelli and that English opera singer bird doing Time to Say Goodbye.

Sad times, I think, but all the best for both of you; or all three if Nick is in it too.

Cheers for all the inspiration over the years.

-d- and -eND-

Leonard said...

Um, whuh? who am I gonna steal (borrow)shit from for my blog now? Take one for the team! j/k...congrats. ;) peace

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see the blog go (and hope you change your mind one day).

But most of all, congratulations! I hope everything works out and you have a great time together.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? is it the end of this blog????

Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess they're really gone now. (Along with all their pretty pictures.) :( 5-28-09

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled into your blog. Though you're retiring the blog, please dont ever remove the content. The boys here are just absolutely divine. It'd be a shame if others can't see them. :-) Happy life!

Anonymous said...

I've bookmarked this for when i need something to keep me happy. Lovely boys. Simply lovely.

yoruosu12 said...

I will surely miss this one of a kind blog my friends. May you have a wonderful time being together. Ciao!

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Wonderful. I hope you have many many years of happiness together. G =]