27 April 2008


D: Well, you know, there's Nick
D: What can I say about Nick?
D: He's a great kid, he's working hard
D: But I just felt
D: We needed a little more manpower
A little more juice
A tad more
G: OK, I get it

D: (p.s Happy Bday G-Spot!!)


Ryan said...

shouldn't that be child power.... surely they're cheaper to pay and they have more active imaginations when it comes to creative idea's

Anonymous said...

Nice !

Danbury said...

yay gabe.. its my bday too!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh look... you have a burn. i'd better rub you with lotion

m. said...

Happy Birthday G! (If it is indeed your birthday) I love you both but more you!!! All hail King G!!!