30 January 2008

Not Dead

G: Yeah!
G: Pretty Bois 4 Evas!!!!!1!!


Bruce said...

I don't know, in the blogisphere more than a month between posts is VERY close to dead unless you have a REALLY good excuse. OK, what are your excuses. Hopefully it's sex, sex and more sex, that would work!!!

Kenneth Johnson, or Sebastien Penn said...

yeah, please update more frequently please!

Frank said...

Sorry, who are you again? *LOL*

Martin said...

i will always be loyal to the pretty boys !

happy o-eight

Loup said...

Welcome back.
I've got my friend hooked on your blog now.
Damn thing's made me sentimental for a friend who's moved away, your banter reminds me of how we used to be.

scooterzz said...


Ryan said...

hehe wow go the guilt trip i didnt know my own power =0) welcome back boys with some hotter looking guys than ever =0D hope things are going well for both of you we havent really heard much about whats happening in your lives