24 September 2007

Speed Racer

D: Woh
G: What?
D: Speed Racer was a lot gayer than I remember


DrGaellon said...

I assume you're well aware that that's not Speed Racer, but Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love in English). It's pretty racy, though!

Anonymous said...


any idea what this anime series is called? i'd love to download it


Thirty3 Naeked Laydies said...

what was all the slapping and smacking about?

Anonymous said...

In a word gentlemen...welcome to the wonderful world of YAOI.

Japanese gals (and now Western ones) have been enjoying the manga (comics) anime (cartoons) and video games involving storylines about man x man romance for years.

This particular manga is licensed and available in English, as are other works by the author, Nitta Yuuka.

Yaoi is one of the fastest growing genres of manga in N.A. Just put the word into the amazon.com search engine.