23 April 2007

Showing Off

D: It's all you, you, you
D: With the diabetes
D: And the showing off
D: What about me huh?
D: What about ME
G: Oh and it's my birthday on Friday
D: Gabe Quitit!!


Malcom said...

It is my birthday this Friday as well! yay. ps love this site and LUV this post..mmm

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nutrasweetie,
er, I mean Gabe.

Where should I mail the Splenda and
carob bean erotic birthday cake?

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe! Mine was April 12.

Love you guys, and you blog!


Volker said...

Hot biker! There are times I wish I still had a bike. Miss the freedom!

redbull15 said...

Arm over the shoulder of "T-Shirt guy," what a picture! Simple, yet tells a great story! While on the subject of b-days...26th is mine. :-)

Volker said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Wayne said...

cool blog
always love a hot guy on a sportbike!