17 February 2007

Little Gay Lover

G: Did you go to Devon?
H: No I never did! I wanted to but I
D: Guys!!!
D: Please
D: Are we agreed then????
H: Sure - if you keep your promise
D: You'll never ask to come on here again?
D: Or tell anyone that I'm a... blogger
H: My lips are sealed
H: I'm so excited!
H: I can't wait to meet Squirt's little gay lover!
D: Yeah, well, neither can I *blows chunks*
H: Gabe, it's been an honor
G: The pleasure was all mine
H: Email me that song OK?
G: I will
H: Bye! xxxxxxxxxx
G: Bye! :)

D: What are you looking at??
G: Nothing

1 comment:

shrimp_small22 said...

ok so we totally missed a blog here somewhere explaining what song H wanted of G but I'm sure we can deal hmm i so miss being able to go gay clubbing .... Tasmania is a hole for the gay scene.... the little island at the bottom of Australia b4 u ask what Tasmania is