17 October 2006

What's Going to Happen

D: Do you wanna know why?
D: Huh?
G: Um, ok
D: It's stupid
D: Forget it
G: Um, ok
D: It's just that
D: You know
D: With all these perfect guys
D: We blog about
D: What's going to happen when we meet up someday?
G: When we meet up someday?
D: Aha

G: Um
G: I don't know


Ang-ang said...

hes kinda cute huh?

Anonymous said...

Hum very cute !

thierry du var said...

ca me donnerait presque envie de faire du sport de voir ca...

mylo* said...

I kinda like that faux dirty photo shoot flavour they got going on ...

May be strategically placed sweat - but it works for me.